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If you're planning on attending the show in RI this weekend, be sure to stop by the booths for Gibbs and Captain Bruce Sportfishing (The Otter) for a first look at their hot new products!
By Toby Lapinski  |  March 8, 2013
What's new from Gibbs? Get your first look this weekend at the New England Saltwater Fishing Show in Providence, RI.

Gibbs Lures, long-known as a forerunner in the world of wooden fishing lures, will debut a new lure at the New England Saltwater Fishing Show in Providence on March 8 – 10. Man O War lures is Gibbs’ venture into the world of plastic stick-bait-style lures that have taken saltwater markets by storm in recent years. Made from durable plastic resin and fully through-wired, these baits reinforce the high quality and standards long set in place going back to the days when Stan Gibbs himself was at the helm of the company. While initially designed to target bluefin tuna and other offshore species, Man O War lures will most certainly find a place into the arsenal of striped bass aficionados.

Wooden lure lovers need not fret as Gibbs will continue to produce some of the best wooden lures available to anglers in the northeast and beyond. Be sure to stop by the Gibbs booth (number 601 – 602) and get your first look at this hot new lure! Stay tuned to The Fisherman Magazine for a full write-up of the new lures in an upcoming issue as well.

Also new from long-time advertiser with The Fisherman Magazine, Captain Bruce Millar of The Otter will have his highly anticipated new tube-and-worm trailer the ”Otter Tube” available for purchase. After many months of testing, Captain Bruce has solved one of the difficulties that have long plagued fans of the tube-and-worm, the sandworm, as he developed a super-durable trailer that drives striped bass absolutely crazy! Each Otter Tail is impregnated with scent, does not need to be kept in any special solution and is ready at a moments notice.

While that alone would be a huge development for striped bass enthusiasts, the Otter Tail can also be used as a jig trailer both by surf and boat anglers as well as a trailer by anglers targeting fluke. Be sure to stop by Captain Bruce’s booth (number 515) and pick up some new Otter Tails to go along with his Otter Tubes. You will not be disappointed!

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