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Fishing the latest soft plastics takes knowledge and skill. Pete Barrett's abundance of both can key your success.
By Angelo Peluso
Tags: inshore
Contemporary anglers who achieve consistent fishing success have more likely than not learned to master the art of fishing soft plastic baits. Fishing this new genre of lures takes knowledge and skill, and Pete Barrett has an abundance of both. His experience can be your key to success. Within the pages of this comprehensive volume Pete presents the readers with the benefits of his extensive experience and his soft bait wisdom. The insights that you will gain from his popular book, Fishing Soft Baits in Saltwater are sure to result in more bites and more fish on the end of your line.

The book's easy-to-read format and Pete's informative and entertaining style of writing will instruct you in all aspects of soft bait fishing: the secrets of trolling; jigging, drifting and casting soft baits for all species of popular game fish. Added value content in this book relates to rigging techniques, adding colors, skirts, eyes and hook; and rigging plastic tails, tube rigs, shrimp, shads, offshore techniques and much more key information. And even those freshwater anglers among us will benefit from this book.

Included are chapters on tackle, practical and productive tips and tricks for the soft bait angler and many of Pete's best secrets for success with soft bait. Pick up a copy and cut your learn curve down rapidly. Pete will have you catching fish on soft baits in no time. Fishing Soft Baits in Saltwater is available online from BurfordBooks.com or via phone at 607-319-4373.

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