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A simple extra step for the modified albright or Alberto's knot will sure-up this fanatstic braid-to-leader connection.
By "Grampa" Greg McNamara
Tags: surf

When using fluorocarbon leaders of 50- to 65-pound test, the modified albright has failed me on several occasions as the tag end of the braided line apparently slipped through the small loop at the bend in the fluorocarbon. A simple and quick modification to this already reputable line-to-line connection can make it bullet-proof even with larger diameter fluorocarbon mated with the newer super-slick braids. Since adding this small extra step I have not lost a single fish due to knot failure.

The necessity for a direct line-to-leader connection for me came about while surf fishing at night. For years I used a standard barrel swivel to connect my running line to my leader. However, quite often on those dark nights, I would inadvertently reel the swivel right up to my rod tip. If the swivel was small enough it would go right through the eyelet, but the larger swivels would abruptly stop my retrieve. In both examples I felt that there simply had to be some sort of damage being done to the ceramic ring of my rod tip. I tried several tricks suggested by fellow anglers but I continued to reel the swivel right up to the rod tip.

This problem led me to test out several direct connections and I eventually settled on the modified Albright or “Alberto’s knot” for my connection. A step-by-step instruction of this popular knot can be found in our Fishing Knot Section. The knot provides nearly 100% knot strength and is easy enough to tie on the water. For a look at the extra step that I add at the end of the process, take a look at the accompanying images.

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