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Special Assignments


Steaming south to Cabo San Lucas, the tireless tackle preparation continues but this didn't prevent the boys aboard the Excel from enjoying a traditional Super Bowl tailgate party.
By Tim C. Smith
Tags: special

Yesterday morning we were greeted by a breathtaking sunrise and Eggs Benedict.

Although it might have Super Bowl Sunday, football was the last thing these anglers were thinking about. While working our way down the Baja peninsula the deckhands and mates remained busy with more tackle preparation and rig tying. If you've ever wanted to take a trip like this but are intimidated by all the tackle and rigging, don't fret because the crew is always there to help.

Chef Jason had a special surprise in the form of a full blown tailgate party with all the food one would expect for the big day. He also organized a traditional Super Bowl pool. The Excel has two large flat screens and satellite TV so everyone on board was watching the big game as if they were still at home.

Three hours before kick off, we passed the San Benito Islands; almost half way to Cabo now. Check back later today to see who was the big winner of the football pool.