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Special Assignments


Capt. Justin Fleck made the right call moving to Hurricane Bank and less than a day after arriving, jumbo yellowfin are flying over the rails and tuckering out anglers all around the Excel.
By Tim C. Smith
Tags: special
We arrived at Hurricane Bank predawn amid 25 knot winds, but that was no match for the Excel. We were greeted by flying fish and the deckhands displayed their hospitality by inviting them aboard.

The mayhem started immediately and Capt. Al Lorenzetti was hooked up on his first drop. From there the big yellowfin kept on coming. Eventually sharks crashed the party and it became increasingly difficult to feed a bait to the tuna but a steady pick of yellowfin was enjoyed throughout the day nevertheless.

Capt. John Nappo of Trophy Tackle has been on the fish all day and explained the key to getting bit is bait selection. Lively baits that are uniform in color, have all their scales intact and no body damage are able to swim away from the boat and get hit fairly consistently.

Jeff Bollet of Port Washington, NY came close to beating his personal best tuna with a 202 pounder today. This is his fourth trip aboard the Excel and he stated that it's an experience that keeps on giving.

Many of the weary fishermen opted to take much of the afternoon off while waiting for the late afternoon bite. Surely that won't disappoint either!