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Jumbo yellowfin tuna continue their onslaught and give everyone aboard the Excel a run for their money. Thanks to the outstanding efforts of the elite mates, everything remains a well oiled machine.
By Tim C. Smith
Tags: special

At 3am a voice from the wheelhouse woke the guests on board saying "Hey everyone its time to get up. We have fish all around the boat". Another banner early morning bite with better quality yellowfin in the 150 to 200 pound range. If you dropped a bait in the water, you had a fish.

During the bedlem, deckhand Bill made the plunge off the transom with a mask and fins to free a tuna caught in the running gear.

On a typical tuna trip, the crew works about 16 to 18 hours a day and are on top of absolutely everything. They are all licensed captains and exceptionally well rounded and capable in what they do.

All the food in the galley is prepared from scratch by chef, Capt. Jason Fleck and his assistant Cole. Today Jason made some superb enchiladas. When he's not in the galley preparing the next meal, you will find Jason documenting the trip and updating the Excel's Facebook page.

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