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Moving ever closer to San Diego, the remaining anglers aboard the Excel are followed by dolphins and daydreams. Tim Smith takes a moment to discuss the finer points of rod and reel selection for long range fishing expeditions.
By Tim C. Smith
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We have the weather in our favor and dolphins riding our bow wake for the steam back to San Diego.

When selecting tackle for a long range fishing trip, the length of the trip will help determine what gear is needed. Longer trips target cow yellowfin tuna, while shorter trips offer more variety and smaller gamefish.

In the late 90’s hollow core Spectra was introduced. This new technology had the same characteristics of Dacron but with a much smaller diameter. Such advancement allowed for greater line capacity without the added weight and really opened up a world of possibilities for long range fishing vessels and drove the innovation of tackle design.

Let's talk about what gear to bring on a longer trip. Coming from the east coast the cost of getting your gear to the boat is a concern. I recommend you bring 6 outfits. A pair of 50's spooled with 130 pound Spectra and a pair of 30's spooled with 100 pound Spectra should take care of your tuna needs. For wahoo, yellowtail and other smaller fish, two 30's spooled with 50 pound Spectra are recommend. One setup should have a high speed 5:1 gear ratio reel for fishing jigs. The second setup will be for fishing live bait. Terminal tackle, on the other hand, is fairly straight forward and includes hooks, swivels, sinkers, rubber bands and balloons.