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Whether you fish from a boat or in the surf, a flashlight is a must-have item for both safety and convenience.
By Warren Dennington
Tags: inshore

My neck light has evolved from my googan days of using a mini Mag-Light stuffed in my pocket on the beach to a dive light customized for swimming out to offshore rocks as my needs demanded and to take advantage of new technology available. In addition, carrying a second light as a back-up in my surf bag has saved many trips for myself and friends. You may want use a smaller size as your backup to save space in your bag.

Boat fishermen who hunt stripers on night tides could also make good use of this light, and its waterproof qualities are an added safety benefit should you get caught off guard by a rogue wave and wind up in the drink.

The light I have been using lately uses 4 AA batteries and is made by Streamlight. I like the fact that it uses LED because the batteries and bulbs seem to last forever. I also like the push-button switch on the back of the light that makes easier and faster to turn on or off. The light is waterproof and I have never had a problem with it flooding out. There are other similar lights available at dive shops or tackle shops that you can use as well.

First up I put a mouthpiece on the back of the light to allow me to put the light in my mouth and have two hands available to change plugs, tie leaders or anything else necessary during night outings. The mouthpiece is a replacement part for an inflator on a buoyancy compensator used for scuba diving. It is also available at dive shops or online at dive gear websites. The mouthpiece is stretched over the back of the light and a wire tie, usually included with the mouthpiece, is used to hold it in place.

Next, take a 2-foot length of surgical tubing and use two wire ties to secure it to the sides of the light. Depending on how you fish, a longer or shorter piece of tubing can be used. I was once swimming in some rough surf and my light got washed over my head, so now I make the length of the tubing short enough so that it has to be stretched over the top of my head.

Finally, I wrap all of the tubing and bottom of the mouthpiece with electrical tape to add additional security and smooth out the rough edges of the wire ties.

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