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Special Assignments


The Fisherman publisher, Mike Caruso along with videographer Tim C. Smith just embarked on their journey to Zancudo Lodge in Costa Rica. This Special Assignment ties into White Water’s annual Costa Rican Shootout and represents the beginning of what should be a thrilling fishing expedition!
By Tim C. Smith
Tags: special, travel, offshore

We left JFK at 6 a.m. and by 1 p.m. we arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Next we boarded a small plane and flew over the pristine jungle landscape to the small town of Golifto. There are no big airports in this part of the country, just short, rural landing strips.

From there, a short taxi ride took us to the marina where we rendezvoused with the boat that completed the last leg of the journey.

Arriving at Zancudo Lodge, hosts Anthony Vaccaro and John Bauman greeted guests for the annual White Water Costa Rican Shootout; a friendly fishing competition set within one of the most prolific tropical fishing destinations in the world! With over 70 IGFA records, Zancudo Lodge sets the stage for an epic fishing adventure for thirty northeast anglers.

After a great meal, it was time to rest for the next day.