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Tournament fishing has officially commenced for the White Water Costa Rican Shootout at Zancudo Lodge and by day's end Tim C. Smith and Mike Caruso's boat go 4 for 4 on marlin.
By Tim C. Smith
Tags: special, travel, offshore

It’s 6 a.m. on the first day of fishing for the White Water Costa Rica shootout and the dock is already a buzz with anxious anglers.

We headed to the blue water as the sun cracked the horizon and spotted a surface swimming sailfish in route to the marlin grounds.
The fish immediately picked up a pitch bait but we were unable to set the hook so we stuck around the area for a little while trying to reconnect; unfortunately to no avail. Continuing with our original plan, a course was set to the marlin hot spot.

We knew we were in the right spot upon arrival by the sheer abundance of bait in the area and it wasn't long before the bite was on. After the dust settled, our boat went 4 for 4 with marlin catches.

Reflecting on the day, Zancudo Lodge and Costa Rica have already left a stellar impression on Mike Caruso, publisher of The Fisherman.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for coverage on the second day of tournament fishing.