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To everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy, The Fisherman extends our sincere wishes that life quickly gets back on track. Challenges lie ahead but the angling community is a tough bunch - and a close family. We hope to see you back on deck and in the suds real soon.
By The Fisherman Staff
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The Jones Beach piers. Just one spot out of thousands along the coast severly damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

To everyone who has been affected by the ravages of Hurricane Sandy, we at The Fisherman extend our sincere wishes that life gets back on track as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

From southern New Jersey, through New York City and the Long Island coast, and right up into Connecticut and New England, we realize that this monstrous superstorm has wrought tremendous damage and devastation. Days after the encounter, many communities and shoreline areas remain inaccessible. For those of you who faced evacuation, we hope that you’ll find your homes and businesses much as you left them upon your return.

To our readers, advertisers and the entire fishing community, we want you to know that we stand ready to help in any way that we can. Please continue to send us your photos and updates on Facebook and via email. We promise to keep you informed on environmental, access and other relative issues relating to the storm as the clean-up gets underway. And, when you are ready to put a line back in the water at some point in the future, be assured that we’ll have reports and articles tailored to get you back in the game.

In the meantime, please be safe. Heed the warnings of public officials and be careful as you remove debris. If you have a fishing-related business, or a party or charter boat, feel free to use our Facebook page to let customers know how you fared through the storm and if you are open, closed, still sailing or done for the season.

Like the rest of you, we look forward to putting Hurricane Sandy in our rear view mirror and moving forward. Extending a helping hand to your neighbors and fellow anglers will surely help the process. Although there may be a new landscape along much of the coast, and many challenges lie ahead, the angling community is a tough bunch - and a close family. We hope you’ll all be back on deck and in the suds real soon.

- The Fisherman Magazine


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