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For anyone who remembers their basic high school science, the Revo Toro’s “NaCl” namesake tells the story of what it’s meant to do and where.
By Capt. John N. Raguso
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In case you need a quick refresher course, Na is the 11th element of the Periodic Table and is the abbreviation for sodium. Cl is the 17th element whose acronym equates to chlorine. Combine Na and Cl and what do you get? Salt - as in saltwater. The Revo Toro NaCl was born and bred to do its thing in saltwater and every component on these new Abu Garcia baitcasting reels has been designed and manufactured to support this simple but straightforward mission objective.

I have been addicted to the sportfishing game for a long time, starting out at age six. As anyone who has ever fished with me will attest, I have always been a big baitcasting reel fanatic and have caught 80-pound tuna, 200-pound blue sharks, 100-pound makos, 40-pound stripers and 35-pound mahis on my trusty baitcasters. The most reliable reels back in my formative years were the trusty Abu Garcia 5000, 5500, 6000 and 6500 series Ambassadeurs and I have owned and used all of these trusty workhorses before eventually passing them on to friends and family. This latest iteration of the Ambassadeur lineup of yesteryear is Abu Garcia’s new Revo Toro NaCl series of reels that takes a good thing and makes it even better - much better.

The Revo Toro NaCl family includes a half-dozen siblings, with three reels in the 50-series and a similar trio that make up the 60-series. The three 50-series Revo Toros include a standard retrieve ratio of 5.4:1 that takes in 26 inches of line per crank of the handle; a high-speed 6.4:1 version that will smoke line through the guides at 30.9 inches per crank; plus a left-hand retrieve version (51) that employs the standard 5.4:1 gear ratio. The 50-series reels will all hold your choice of 200 yards of 14-pound mono or 250 yards of 30-pound super braid. At only 10.9 ounces, you can cast all day long and not get fatigued and when the big ones take your lure or bait, you can stop them cold with 22 pounds of serious persuasion from the five-element star drag.

The 60-series reels offer the same trio of options, with a standard retrieve, high-speed and left-hand (61) versions, but they hold more line on the larger/wider spool, offering a capacity of either 250 yards of 14-pound mono or 325 yards of 30-pound braid. The 50-series reel offer a twin knob cranking handle with oversized grips made out of a lightweight but hard EVA foam. The 60-series reels offer an oversized single EVA knob power handle that is a pleasure to use, especially during extended arguments against large, stubborn gamefish. All six reels in the Revo Toro NaCl lineup carry the same $299.95 MSRP.

Revo Toro NaCl baitcasters take corrosion protection to the next level, featuring a frame, handle and side plates that are constructed of a proprietary X2-Craftic alloy, giving the reel added durability in saltwater. Six stainless steel high performance corrosion resistant (HPCR) bearings plus a roller bearing provide added corrosion protection for smooth operation out on the briny. A powerful carbon matrix drag system provides 22 pounds of fish-stopping drag.

The sealed centrifugal brake system offers superior corrosion resistance in a saltwater environment. Consisting of six adjustable spring loaded brake blocks, this system acts only when the spool is under high revolution (during the initial part of the cast) and will then disengage to give maximum distance as the spool slows down (towards the end of the cast). Anglers can choose to engage or disengage any combination of these six brake blocks for the ultimate personalized casting control for any situation to minimize dreaded backlashes.

I was able to get my hands on a sample Revo Toro NaCl 60-series high-speed baitcaster for an extended field test and it quickly became one of my favorites. I spooled it up with 300 yards of 30-pound Spider Wire braid, with a 15-foot wind-on leader of 40-pound fluorocarbon mono. Using a Reverse Albright knot to connect the mono to the braid, the low profile knot had no problems passing through the reel’s level wind guide or the guides on my rod. The Revo Toro’s push-down thumb bar conveniently disengages the gears for the cast and the six ball bearings allow for effortless and super smooth operation. Simply click the reel handle to engage the gears to start your retrieve. Both the five-point star drag and the reel’s cranking handle are bent in to avoid snags and bumps, and will also get your cranking hand closer to the controls for maximum ergonomic functionality.

I took my Revo Toro NaCl up to my favorite north shore hideaway and had a blast casting popping plugs to schoolie sized bass and bay blues. The drag was super smooth, and it was nice to know I had the ability to dial in 22 pounds of stopping power. Abu Garcia also offers a lineup of Volatile graphite rods that are harmonically balanced to be a perfect match for these reels. If you are in the market for a low-profile, next-gen baitcaster that can really hold its own in the saltwater environment, Abu Garcia’s Revo Toro NaCl reels might be just the ticket.

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