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Launched at this season’s ICAST tackle show and just coming to market as you are reading this, Seaguar’s offering a pair of new next-gen superbraid lines that most coastal anglers will find appealing.
By Capt. John N. Raguso
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Seaguar’s new Smackdown superbraid is just the ticket for both surf rats and freshwater bass masters. Available in two colors (yellow and green) and in 150-yard spools for the moment, Smackdown superbraid is currently manufactured in 10-, 15-, 20-, 30-, 40-, 50- and 65-pound-test line strengths.

According to Gerry Benedicto, the PR manager for Seaguar’s superbraid fishing lines, “Our Smackdown braid is a ‘true’ breaking strength line. Unlike some competitive fishing line products that are rated for one test and actually break at another that is much higher, our Smackdown braid will break very close to its stated rated strength. As a result, it is one of the thinnest solid core braids in its class and will allow anglers to pack more line onto their reels. Its extremely rounded profile will spool itself nicely onto baitcasting and/or spinning reels, plus it’s less likely to dig into the spool when you get a hard-running fish pulling a lot of drag on the business end. We use an eight-strand braid pattern for this solid core fishing line and the same manufacturing technique is employed for all line sizes from ten- to 65-pound-test. Like our cutting edge Seaguar fluorocarbon mono, all of our quality superbraid lines are manufactured in Japan.”

The “thin” claim for the Smackdown braid is not just marking hype, but has its basis in fact. From the actual factory test data that I have seen, ten-pound Smackdown braid measures 0.005-inch in diameter, while the ten-pound of another popular braid comes in at 0.006-inch, so the Smackdown is 16.7% thinner than its competitor. Another advantage of Smackdown’s design is that the extremely tight, high-density weave pattern provides improved tensile strength and abrasion-resistance, so the braid will be very resistant to fraying when it starts to get smacked by rocks, debris and the sharp fins and tails of your intended quarry. It’s also extremely soft, limp and casts incredibly well, which is why it’s starting to be a big hit with the bassmaster crowd.

Realistic rod and reel applications for Seaguar Smackdown braid are for drop-shots, topwater froggin’ and for punching through lily pads and hydrilla for freshwater bass anglers. It’s also a great product for surfcasting and inshore coastal saltwater fishing, where you need long “castability” to reach your targets. In addition, bottom fishermen will also appreciate this unique superbraid, where anglers require the sensitivity of a thin and responsive low-stretch braided line to feel more bites. The thinner line will also offer less resistance in a moving tidal current so sinker bouncers should be able to use less lead to hold bottom.

Seaguar’s new Threadlock braid is a more universally appealing product for saltwater anglers of all types, both inshore and offshore. In contrast to the eight-thread solid core manufacturing of the Smackdown product, Threadlock braid features a hollow core 16-thread design. Like its sister, it also features an extremely tight, high-density weave that will resist abrasions and will allow you to get more use out of it in the briny before it begins to fray. Threadlock is extremely smooth and is less likely to cut your fingers compared to other competitive braids that can be more rough and coarse to the touch. For the hollow-core fans that prefer to use wind-on leaders for a seamless and knotless connection from the braid to the mono leader, Threadlock is extremely easy to splice, so you can insert your fluorocarbon leader into it fairly easily. This hollow core saltwater braid is exceptionally strong and has extremely tough impact strength. Applications for Threadlock are mainly for offshore saltwater anglers, whether you’re casting a popping plug to a foraging tuna boiling on the surface, livelining a bunker bait to a striper, trolling up bigeyes and blue marlin, or drifting baits for makos and threshers, this braid will serve almost any purpose with equal capability.

Threadlock superbraid is offered in a quartet of colors (green, light blue, hi-vis yellow and white), in a six-pack of different line classes (50-, 60-, 80-, 100-, 130- and 200-pound) and in two different spool sizes (600 yards and 2,500 yards), so there’s a test rating, color and spool size that’s bound to hit the sweet spot. Like Smackdown, Threadlock braid is also manufactured in Japan and it will be available in retail tackle shops and through online tackle distributors starting in September.

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