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Adam Stannard is this week's winner of an Aquatic AV Media Locker. Congrats Adam.
By The Fisherman Staff  |  June 30, 2014
Tags: special
Adam's fluke report was head and tail above the rest. Post your best report and win the next round!

This week's Public Fishing Report winner is New England subscriber and report contributor Adam Stannard. His report on the Eastern Sound fluking called, "Short Window For Fluke Off Millstone" was so full of information and good photos that he won it going away. As a result Adam will recieve An Aquatic AV Media Locker, which is a durable waterproof marine stereo. You can pump out the tunes via your tablet, iPhone, MP3 Player, Bluetooth or iPod. Want it lounder? You can hook it up to an amplifier capable for powering up to eight speakers and turn it up to 11.

This signals the second round of giveways and for round three on July 7, The Fisherman will be giving away a custom fillet table by customfillettables.com. The selections are based on quality and timliness of the Public Fishing Report Section. Simply go to The Fisherman.com, create an account and begin posting. Once approved, your post will be seen by thousands as we help each other catch more fish.

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