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Thank you for helping us make TheFisherman.com a more complete resource. Please familiarize yourself with our short list of rules. Any event posting not in compliance may be modified and/or deleted.

Event Calendar Submission Rules

  • We accept listings for fishing events that are open to the public. We get THOUSANDS of visitors per month and we want you to take advantage of this FREE service! Please take the time to provide useful and accurate information for our visitors.
  • Valid contact information is required when submitting this form. Your contact information is not viewable to the public (unless you choose) to protect you from spam. Our visitors may need to contact you if they have questions or need more information about your event. You will receive an email when a visitor contacts you from our website if you provide contact information in the indicated fields.
  • Don't include your website or email link in your description; use the indicated fields. There is NO charge for including a link, but all website links will be verified. Any link that may be inappropriate for our family-friendly setting will be removed.
  • Please submit your event with the correct start date and end date. If your one day event takes place on the 15th, the start date is the 15th and you can leave the end date field empty, otherwise enter both the start and end dates. Please refrain from event back dating. If your event is already in progress, you can submit your event with a start date of today.
  • Events are sorted in date order, your event will move up as the date approaches and will automatically expire from the calendar once the date has passed.
  • Sorry, only one listing per event. All multiple event submissions will be disregarded.
  • TheFisherman.com's Event Calendar is a free service, designed to promote real-time events. If you would like to feature your event or if you'd like to learn more about the many advertising opportunities we have available, please contact us.

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