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Fishing rules and regulations seem to change with the tide these days so check here for a state-by-state breakdown to ensure you'll be in compliance no matter how, when or where you fish.

Fishing Knots

We've compiled a collection of the most popular and important knots used in our region. Master these and you'll be ready for any fishing situation.

Fishing Rigs

The more rigs you learn to tie and use, the greater your odds of success. So, peruse the following encyclopedia of rigs and try your hand at tying a few.

Master Angler Series

The Fisherman offers a collection of books featuring our best published articles on the topics of fluke, surf fishing, striped bass, and wreck and bottom fishing.

Events Calendar

Here's a complete and comprehensive listing of fishing-related events currently scheduled for your area.

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Weather & Tides

You'll find all the latest weather, radar, tides, currents, wind speed and direction, sea surface temperature, and buoy data needed for a successful and safe day or night on the water right here. Just click on the area of the map you're interested in to get started.

Marine Charts