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Subscription FAQs

Q. If I already subscribe to the magazine do I receive free access to the premium content on TheFisherman.com?
A. Yes! premium online access is available to existing print subscribers at no additional charge. Just register by going to "Create User Account".

Q. What's included with premium online access to TheFisherman.com?
A. Receive access to the digital edition archive of the magazine online. Gain full access to all three Fisherman Magazine editions (New England, Long Island and New Jersey/Delaware Bay). You're also entitled to view our exclusive videos and features, the Hot Spot archive, Rig archive, Knot archive, Recipe archive, and more.

Q. Can I interact with TheFisherman.com?
A. Yes, we stream our Facebook posts, photos, videos to the home page of TheFisherman.com Just like us on Facebook or Instagram make your post and it'll be on TheFisherman's social media platforms instantly.

Q. If I process and pay for my subscription online, will I also receive home delivery of The Fisherman Magazine and The Fisherman Plus?
A. Your paid subscription includes 12 monthly print issues delivered to yoru home and, beginning in April through mid-November, you'll receive 26 Digital magazine issues of The Fisherman's Weekly Fishing Guide magazine available only on thefisherman.com.

Q. Once I subscribe how long does it take for the magazine to be delivered to my home?
A. Allow 3 to 4 weeks for your weekly home delivery to begin. Remember, you can access the current digital issue instantly online upon purchasing a subscription.

Q. What do I do if I forgot my online access password or username?
A. Simply go to My Account and click on "Forgot your password". A new password will be sent to your email address. You must use the same email you initially registered with.