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The Fisherman's stable of staff writers, contributors, photographers and videographers boasts an all-star cast determined to lead by example as they cover the most productive waters to be found in New York, New Jersey and New England. With local experts in every type of angling from light tackle and fly to offshore, inshore and freshwater, our experts are on the scene in hot pursuit of the best action throughout the year.

LI Editorial

Fred Golofaro Fred Golofaro
Director of Editorial

A New York State Outdoorsman Hall of Famer, author and surf fishing legend, Fred Golofaro has been at the center of the recreational fishing community for nearly 40 years. Need we say more?

Tom Melton Tom Melton
Senior Field Editor

Tom Melton has been part of The Fisherman staff for nearly two decades. A highly-respected angler, he has written hundreds of articles covering inshore saltwater, surf and freshwater fishing.

Tim C. Smith Tim C. Smith
Staff Photographer

Photographer Tim Smith's fishing assignments have taken him from the Galapagos Islands to Alaska. Closer to home, his sights are focused on stripers, blues, fluke and shark.

Al Ristori Al Ristori
Conservation Editor

From decking New York's first 1,000-pound blue marlin to leading the successful battle for a 200-mile limit, this charter skipper, outdoors writer and conservationist has been a sport fishing leader.

John N. Raguso John N. Raguso
Boating/Electronics Editor

An expert on the offshore scene, boating and electronics, Capt. John N. Raguso has tagged over a thousand sharks, tuna, swordfish and marlin to live and fight for another day.

Geoffrey Lawrence Geoffrey Lawrence
Field Editor

Ever-modest, Geoff tells friends that when he finally lands the big one, it will be by using the PDL method – Pure Dumb Luck! Those who have seen him fish know better.

William Muller William Muller
Contributing Writer

An outdoors writer since 1973, "Doc" Muller has penned thousands of fishing articles, sharing his vast wealth of fishing knowledge with anglers ranging from beginners to experts.

Milt Rosko Milt Rosko
Contributing Writer

The recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Fisherman’s Conservation Association for his dedication to the angling community, Milt Rosko has a lifetime's wealth of fishing knowledge to share.

Nader Gebrin Nader Gebrin
Contributing Chef

Celebrity chef Nader Gebrin has traveled the world in search of fantastic fishing and delicious recipes. Here he shares his favorite seafood dishes along with some hook 'em and cook 'em advice.

Bob Danielson Bob Danielson
Field Editor

 Bob Danielson is an avid surfcaster who spends his time fishing from one end of the island to the other. He fishes Montauk and the beaches of both the North and South Shores on a regular basis. He also puts in quite a bit of time fishing from boats and his kayak. Bob has been an avid supporter of the New York fishing community by serving as a representative for several fishing organizations. He has been a member of the NY State Marine Resources Advisory Council for nearly 20 years and has also served on the Board of Directors for the NY Sportfishing Federation since the early 90s. He is currently the organization's vice president. He is also a member of the State Fishing Advisory Board.

Tony Gatto Tony Gatto
Field Editor

Capt. Tony has been fishing off Long island for over 40 years. He was a part-time mate on party boats before buying his own. He has extensive experience fishing all over Long Island, having run boats out of Freeport, Huntington, Moriches, Shinnecock (where he caught the offshore bug) and Montauk. He and his crew were quick to improve their offshore skills and soon found themselves placing in many of the shark and tuna tournaments around the Island. He is a member of the Shinnecock Marlin and Tuna Club and been a licensed captain for more than 20 years. He runs charters on his 42-foot Post “FoxSeaLady.com”. He especially enjoys working with first time anglers, kids and families, and passing along the knowledge he has accumulated over the years. 



Tony Salerno Tony Salerno
Field Editor

 Tony has been fishing Long Island waters from his own boat, private boats, charter and party boats for more than four decades. He is a master at the bottom fishing game, whether it be blackfish, sea bass, cod, fluke or porgies and is also adept at catching all of our local inshore gamefish. He has been sharing his knowledge of the fishing game through the pages of The Fisherman and other publications for more than 30 years and is well respected for his broad knowledge throughout the recreational fishing industry.     

NE Editorial

Toby Lapinski Toby Lapinski
Managing Editor

Toby Lapinski has been connected to fishing since his earliest years growing up in Western Massachusetts. Today, he's recognized as one of the finest surfcasters in the region.

John Hanecak John Hanecak
Field Editor

Equally at home atop a frozen lake jigging for panfish as he is swimming out to a distant rock in the surf, John has a passion for all things fishy and can be found just about anywhere in New England in search of his quarry.

Dave Anderson Dave Anderson
Field Editor

Dave fishes the surf from Point Judith, RI, through the Cape Cod Canal. He not only writes about building plugs, he owns his own plug-building company: Surf Asylum Lures.

Greg Metcalf Greg Metcalf
Field Editor

Founder of Smoker Baits and winner of several high-profile offshore tournaments, Greg Metcalf teaches a captain's license course and runs a charter boat operation.

Charley Soares Charley Soares
Field Editor

A full-time outdoors writer and highly respected skipper, Charley Soares sold his first fishing article in 1964 and has been at the top of his game ever since. Catching stripers on lures is his passion.

Rod Teehan Rod Teehan
Field Editor

An avid angler, Rod Teehan has decked hard-battling species ranging from carp to tarpon. Among his favorites are bronzebacks, bucketmouths, pike, stripers, and snook.

Pat Vogt Pat Vogt
Field Editor

A lifelong angler with a degree in marine science, Pat Vogt is a great addition to the Fisherman staff.

NJ Editorial

Jim Hutchinson, Jr. Jim Hutchinson, Jr.
Managing Editor (NJ/DE)

A Jersey Shore native and lifelong hunter and angler, Hutch was originally hired by The Fisherman Magazine in 2002 as the New Jersey edition’s managing editor.

Pete Barrett Pete Barrett
Feature Columnist

On The Fisherman's editorial staff since 1973, Pete Barrett has covered everything from offshore to back bay fishing. He believes strongly in gamefish conservation and has won numerous tagging awards.

J. B. Kasper J. B. Kasper
Field Editor

With 50 years of fishing experience, averaging over 200 days on the water each year, author, field editor and columnist J. B. Kasper has seen it all.  Longtime field editor handles our weekly North Jersey and Freshwater reports.  

Tom Pagliaroli Tom Pagliaroli
Field Editor

Tom P. or Pags as he is known has done it all. From panfish and perch to plying the waters for bass he and his dynamic partner Denise Marie form a formidable outdoor duo. Tom is the Central Jersey Field Editor and hosts Rack-n-Fin Radio on Saturdays. 

Bob Misak Bob Misak
Field Editor

Our South Jersey field editor, writer/photojournalist Bob Misak's byline appears frequently in fishing and hunting publications along the East Coast. From stripers and blues to togging on the jetties, Bob has hooked them all.

Eric Burnley Eric Burnley
Field Editor

Eric Burnley has fished hard, managed a tackle shop, run a fishing school and launched his own guide service while establishing himself as one of the most trusted writers in the business while providing weekly reports for The Fisherman Magazine from the Delaware and Chesapeake Bay region.  

Nick Honachefsky Nick Honachefsky
Field Editor

Our weekly Beach Talk reporter in New Jersey and Delaware, Nick Honachefsky began his outdoor writing career at The Fisherman in 1998, and has been traveling the world fishing, writing and hosting TV shows ever since.

Karen Wall Karen Wall
Field Editor

Former managing editor of the New Jersey edition of The Fisherman Magazine, Karen is an active field editor in New Jersey who compiles our weekly Offshore Report from spring through fall.  

Don Kamienski Don Kamienski
Field Editor

A well-traveled angler and outdoors scribe, Don Kamienski has sampled some of the top-rated fishing destinations in the world but his favorite trips are those targeting fluke in his home waters.

Allen Riley Allen Riley
Field Editor

Allen Riley has fished the shoreline from New England to Key West but believes surf fishing  in New Jersey surpasses that of any other state. His articles appear regularly in the pages of The Fisherman.

Bruce Edward Litton Bruce Edward Litton
Contributing Writer

Bruce Edward Litton sports a reputation as a top angler and a popular outdoors writer. He believes fishing is a great way to break out of routines and follows the credo: “An angler always finds a way.”

Mark Modoski Mark Modoski
Contributing Writer

Mark spends time on Lake Hopatcong, in the suds on the Jersey Shore, aboard party boats and striper fishing on the Hudson. He fullfilled his greatest quest to fish for 365 straight days. 

Scott Newhall Scott Newhall
Contributing Writer

Capt. Scott spends time chasing doormat fluke as well as many other fresh and saltwater species from the Carolinas through the Northeast. He runs Time Out Charters, out of Absecon, NJ. 

Austin Perilli Austin Perilli
Contributing Writer

Austin Perilli has written numerous articles covering his backyard waters of Raritan Bay, with fluke, striped bass, and tautog among his favorite targets.

Capt. Jim Freda Capt. Jim Freda
Contributing Writer

Capt. Jim Freda is a U.S.C.G. licensed captain and has been fishing the beaches and inshore waters of the Jersey Shore for over 30 years.

Lou Martinez Lou Martinez
Contributing Writer

Lou Martinez is an avid angler and former champion bowhunter who has received two different sportsman's conservation awards.