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Fishing Rigs
There’s far more to tying fishing rigs than simply picking the right hook and weights. Expert anglers depend on different rig configurations to present baits and lures at a variety of depths, with varying actions, and in a manner that facilitates setting the hook without spooking the quarry. Each rig, however, has a set of conditions under which it excels, as noted in the descriptions accompanying the following rigging illustrations. 

Blackfish - Basic Two-Hook Rig

Blackfish are aggressive feeders that can snip the bait from a hook with surprising ease. For this reason, it makes sense to present two baits when ... Learn more »

Blackfish - One Hook Rig

When blackfish are holding in heavy structure a one-hook rig reduces the odds of snagging. The single hook also allows anglers to concentrate on one bite at a time, ... Learn more »

Fluke - Basic Drift Rig

A  time tested, simple rig favored when drifting for fluke. The use of a three-way swivel reduces line twists and tangles, even in strong currents. Bait ... Learn more »

Fluke - Bucktail Rig

Extremely effective and fun to fish, bucktails often provoke aggressive strikes from summer flounder and result in significantly fewer gut-hooked shorts than fishing bait alone. ... Learn more »

Fluke - Diamond Jig Rig

This is a terrific rig for retrieving slowly from shore or for slow trolling in shallow water. The diamond jig body allows for long casts ... Learn more »

Fluke - Fish-Finder Rig

This versatile rig works well whether drift-fishing, anchored or fishing from shore. One end of the leader is tied to the hook while the opposite ... Learn more »

Fluke - Sliding Two-Hook Rig

A great rig for use with larger baits like whole squid, long fish strips or Peruvian spearing, the stinger hook adds effectiveness with short-biting doormats. Slide the rear hook forward or back to provide ... Learn more »

Fluke - Spin-N-Glo Rig

This is a basic drift rig with the additon of a Spin-N-Glo attractor. This rig works especially well when baited with a chunky killie, large spearing ... Learn more »

Scup - Wreck Rig

With two hooks tight to the main line, this rig allows anglers a shot at double-header hook-ups with a minimal chance of snagging - even when fishing ... Learn more »

Sea Bass - High-Low Rig

When sea bass are hittng hot and heavy, this rig will help fill the cooler in a hurry. Upon setting the hook on the first ... Learn more »

Sea Bass - Up And Down Rig

This is a great rig for fishing at anchor because anglers can lift lightly to provide a little life to the top bait while genlty dragging ... Learn more »

Weakfish - High-Low Rig

A popular choice when trying to pinpoint feeding activity, this rig allows anglers to present one bait tight to the bottom while a second offering rides slightly ... Learn more »

Weakfish - Live Bait Rig

This rig is used to present live snappers, bunker and similar big baitfish to tiderunner weakfish. The thin drail helps get the bait down deep ... Learn more »

Weakfish - Shallow Water Drift Rig

This lightweight rigging arrangement allows for a natural presentation of small baits including worms, spearing, killies, squid strips and shrimp. Especially effective in shallow water, back bay areas, ... Learn more »

Weakfish - Tandem Bucktail Rig

Similar to the high-low rig, the tandem bucktail rig allows anglers to present two offerings at once. In this case, a larger bucktail serves as ... Learn more »