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John N. Raguso John N. Raguso

Boating/Electronics Editor

Capt. John N. Raguso has been writing for the Fisherman Magazine since the mid-80s and has authored over 2,500 articles on fishing, boating, marine electronics and other related topics. Capt. John has been The Fisherman's boating and electronics editor since 1999. He holds a USCG 100-ton Masters License and is an active charter boat captain. He's also headmaster of the Long Island Fishing School, a weekly seminar series that teaches anglers some of the art and science of how to be a better fisherman.

John has authored two books (Atlantic Wrecks and Anglers Guide to Long Island) and has contributed dedicated chapters to a few written by others. Capt. John is an offshore and canyon specialist and authors The Fisherman's Offshore Report each season from June through October. A member of LIOCN and NYSOWA, he is an avid practitioner of tag and release,having tagged over a thousand sharks, tuna, swordfish and marlin to live and fight for another day.

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