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Bob Misak Bob Misak

Field Editor

Bob Misak is a freelance photojournalist and outdoors scribe whose byline appears frequently in fishing and hunting publications along the East Coast. “Meez,” as he is known by many, began writing and providing photographs for The Fisherman back in 2005 and has already appeared on five covers. He is now the South Jersey and Delaware bay Field Editor. His writing covers every aspect of the recreational fishing industry, stressing his beliefs that fishing should be enjoyable and that we there plenty of fish here in the Northeast for everyone to enjoy.

Bob is always seeking out challenging new subjects to cover and diversity has been his forte as he closes in on 50 feature stories for The Fisherman. From stripers and blues in the surf to back bay blowfish and kingfish, he has hooked them all. Check out his exciting new features, and take the sincerity of his tag line to heart: “Good luck and great fishing to everyone.”

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