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Toby Lapinski Toby Lapinski

Managing Editor

Toby began writing for The Fisherman Magazine in 2007 and had been a frequent contributor even before taking the helm of the New England edition in 2012. He has penned articles on both freshwater and saltwater fishing ranging from basic how-to pieces on up through advanced wet suit surf fishing techniques. He was a contributing writer for the New Haven Register’s weekly fishing column in 2008 and has been a featured speaker at many regional events including the Jersey Shore Surfcasters annual Surf Day and the CMTA fishing show in Hartford. Toby also served as a board member of the Coastal Conservation Association of CT for five years, as a board member of the Rhode Island Mobile Sportfishermen for one year, and as vice-president of the Connecticut Surfcasters Association for three years where he remains the club’s liaison to this day.

Toby has been connected to fishing since his earliest years growing up in Western Massachusetts where he spent hours on end targeting smallmouth bass, pike, carp and catfish in the Connecticut River. As he grew older his pursuits focused on saltwater endeavors where he found his true calling. Today, he is recognized as one of the more accomplished surfcasters in our region. While he still targets the Connecticut River near his home in South Windsor, CT, from time to time, much of his fishing these days is spent wet suit-clad in the surf from Connecticut through Massachusetts and around the Islands in between.

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