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Allen Riley Allen Riley

Field Editor

Allen Riley is an avid saltwater angler and an experienced outdoor writer. In his early days, he fished on North Jersey party boats before developing a love of surf fishing that has become a lifelong passion. He has fished the shoreline from New England to Key West but thinks that the surf fishing found in New Jersey surpasses that of any other state. While he has fished most of the Garden State’s long Atlantic Ocean shoreline, most of his time in recent years has been spent working North Jersey beaches.

Many years before retiring as a public school system administrator in 2000, Allen began having fishing articles published regularly in The Fisherman. The majority of his early features involved where-to and how-to stories related to surf fishing. For several years, he was a frequent contributor of surf-related articles to the “Hook, Line and Sinker” weekly fishing supplement found in The Asbury Park Press

While he was a public school employee, he served as an advisor for his district high school’s “Outdoor Education Program” (which introduced urban students who had never previously fished to party boat fluke fishing). Over the years, he has also spoken to a variety of school, community, and angling groups about fishing New Jersey waters.

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