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J. B. Kasper J. B. Kasper

Field Editor

J.B. grew up fishing, hunting, shooting, hiking, paddling and camping in New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. It is the fishing, however, that turned out to be his true passion - and he has 50-plus years of logged experience in fresh and saltwater to prove it. Over those five decades, J. B. has spent between 200 and 250 days a year on the water casting from Canada to Florida and anywhere in-between. He has been a fishing guide on the Delaware River and other waters since 1980.

A professional outdoors writer for 30- plus years, J.B. has written four books on fishing and publishes a set of fishing and structure maps covering his home waters of the Delaware River. In addition to being a field editor and columnist for The Fisherman he is currently the outdoors writer for the Trenton Times and an outdoors correspondent for the Reading Eagle. His articles and columns have appeared in numerous publications throughout the country.

J. B. has been an outdoors instructor for several adult outdoor education programs, as well as a merit badge instructor for the Boy Scouts. Former canoe and survival instructor, J. B. also presents numerous workshops and seminars to clubs and organizations. Among his current  projects are two books: "Surface Fishing; The Lost Art,” and “Jig Fishing: Give Them Lead,” to be released in 2012; the website jbkasper-outdoors.com; and compiling 24 power point presentations on fishing and the outdoors. 

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