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Eric Burnley Eric Burnley

Field Editor

Eric Burnley has fished hard, managed a tackle shop, run a fishing school and launched his own guide service all while establishing himself as one of the top outdoors writers in our region. He began writing for the New Jersey Fisherman in 1973, contributing articles and fishing reports for Delaware, Maryland and North Carolina. By 1978 he had became a full-time writer and employee of The Fisherman Magazine.

Beginning in 1982, Brunley served as founding editor and publisher of what was to become the Mid-Atlantic Fisherman. In 1989 he was the first executive director of the CCA of Virginia. In 1998 he was hired as sales manager for our Mid-Atlantic edition where he returned to his beloved Delaware and the editor's post in 2000. After more than 60 years on the water, Eric's still delights in helping others to enjoy the great sport of fishing.

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