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Bruce Edward Litton Bruce Edward Litton

Contributing Writer

Introduced to fishing at 8 years old by a neighborhood friend and his father, Bruce Edward Litton was instantly hooked. By age 13, he was a regular reader of every outdoors magazine he could find and his fishing prowess was increasing daily. By the time he reached junior high school age, he was averaging 250 days a year on the water, gaining valuable fishing experience under all kinds of fishing conditions. Sometimes, he fished both before and after school.

Bruce first shared his fishing knowledge in the pages of the New Jersey edition of The Fisherman at age 16. During his teens, he was a regular contributor to The Fisherman, New Jersey Outdoors, The Trenton Times, and had an article published in Fishing World.

Today, Bruce sports a reputation as a top angler and a popular outdoors writer. He believes fishing is a great way to break out of routines and follows the credo: “An angler always finds a way.”


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