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Knot Detail

Surgeons Knot

The Surgeons Knot is a simple, easy-to-tie knot for joining two monofilament lines of similar diameter and pound-test, such as when joining 12-pound-test line to 15-pound-test. The knot will test about 90 to 95 percent of the unknotted line strength of the lighter line.

It can also be used to add a shock or bite leader of up to twice the diameter and strength of the main monofilament fishing line, such as joining 15-pound-test to 30-pound-test, for inshore and back-bay fishing. For maximum knot strength, the weaker line must first be doubled with the Spider Hitch. Knot strength is about 90 to 95 percent.

To connect a gel-spun braid to a mono or fluorocarbon leader, such as joining 20-pound braid to 40-pound mono, use a Double Surgeons Knot, which is formed by passing the double line through the loop four times instead of twice. The standard Surgeons Knot is a weak knot when used with braid because the braid will slip. Use four turns and you’ll have no slippage. Be sure to double the braid, but don’t bother with a Spider Hitch in the braid. Just double the braid alongside the mono or fluorocarbon leader and cut off the tag end after the knot is tied. Add a drop of Loctite 406. Use gloves to tighten the knot.

NOTE: For clarity, 80-pound-test Hi-Vis TUF-Line Dacron was used to demonstrate knot.

Step 1

Lay about 12 to 18 inches of the end of the double line loop next to the leader.

Step 2

Make a loop and pass both the double line and the leader through the loop.

Step 3

Pass the double line and leader through the loop a second time.

Step 4

If using mono or fluoro, lubricate the knot then draw tight by pulling equally on all the tag ends and the leader. Trim the tag ends.

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