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Not just another pretty lure. It's the new, "go to" lure to wake up big bass, and bluefish. 
By Capt. Joseph Wenegenofsky

As a follow up to their wildly successful 4” Hydro Pencil FW, that has been decimating large and smallmouth bass, Yo-Zuri is introducing a plug to their 2013 lineup that will get saltwater anglers across the Northeast salivating and outsized gamefish committing absolute suicide. The Hydro Pencil is not your average topwater plug as it boasts a slew of never before seen design innovations that give it a noted, fish catching edge over anything else on the market today.

Measuring 5” long and weighing 1oz, the Hydro Pencil is modeled around its long revered Hydro Pencil counterpart, well known for wreaking havoc on striped bass and bluefish with it’s seductive “walk-the-dog” action. An internal rattle chamber was maintained as an integral design premise to the Hydro pencil but it’s fish attracting abilities are now enhanced as a result of Yo-Zuri’s ribs along the body of the plug. These ribs generate vibrations in the water that predators equate to an injured baitfish attempting to flee. Pair this with the audible sound produced by the rattle chamber and your quarry will have no problem locating your offering in even the murkiest of water.

Ribs generate vibrations in the water that predators equate to an injured baitfish attempting to flee.
As an accompaniment to Wave Motion Technology, Yo-Zuri’s deadly effective Color-Change Technology blends two distinct color schemes into the plug’s ribs. When the Hydro Pencil changes direction during the retrieve so too does it’s color. Such color shifts elicit perfectly the distinctive changes exhibited in a baitfish’s appearance when panicked. This level of realism is what will trigger a finicky fish with lockjaw into one that will strike in reckless abandon.  

Whether you’re plying inshore waters for stripers and blues, scanning offshore weedlines and flotsam for mahi or chasing after boiling pods of schoolie bluefin tuna the Yo-Zuri HydroPencil is an indispensable plug to have in your arsenal. Tie one on and prepare to experience the most exhilarating, adrenaline pumping topwater strikes you’ve ever witnessed. You won’t be sorry you did but it’s guaranteed the fish will be.

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