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A first look at Yo-Zuri's impressive 3D Popper. They thought of everything!
By Capt. Joseph Wenegenofsky

Yo-Zuri has taken topwater fishing to a whole new level in 2013 with the introduction of its 3D Popper (4 ¾”, 1.5oz). This plug absolutely drips with gamefish dominating innovations that make even the most discriminating of Northeast boatmen and surf rats think twice about tossing anything else to surface feeding striped bass and blues.

Not only is this plug designed to cast a country mile and penetrate stiff headwinds like a bullet, but it’s uniquely positioned internal weight system allows the 3D Popper to lay flush on the surface, thus creating a more visible and realistic profile for predators to hone in on. This feature also allows the angler the ability to work the 3D Popper with much greater ease which translates into better overall action and control. Gone are the days of tail weighted poppers that awkwardly dip and hang vertically at rest. Likewise, the traditionally narrow faces on comparable sized poppers are rendered obsolete before the Sashimi 3D Popper. Its exceptionally wide, cupped face throws massive amounts of water generating the prominent surface disturbances critical to luring far off predators.

The 3D Popper also displays the most strikingly lifelike finish you will encounter on any plug.
Aside from being engineer for superior functionality,  the 3D Popper also displays the most strikingly lifelike finish you will encounter on any plug; so much so that you’re essentially one step away from fishing live bait. It’s dramatic 3D eyes gather and reflect light like those of an actual fish and it’s raised gill plates, etched fins and lateral line provide anatomical correctness. Then Yo-Zuri went ahead and incorporated internal metallization to the 3D Popper that perfectly duplicates the translucence and prismatic sheen of genuine fish scales.

Speaking of scales, did you ever imagine an artificial lure could be capable of mimicking the same sort of color changes baitfishes undergo when in distress? The 3D Popper deftly exhibits this natural phenomenon thanks to Yo-Zuri’s Color Change Technology. All it takes is a simple twitch, wobble, or alteration to the visible angle of the plug for it’s two tone color scheme to shift from one shade to another thus producing vicious reactionary hits from wary fish. Similarly the ribbing along the body of the plug that helps make Color Change Technology possible is the source of Yo-Zuri’s Wave Motion Technology. These ribs elicit the subtle vibrations propagated by struggling baitfish as they swim haplessly through the water. Such vibrations are easily detectable by a gamefish’s lateral line and lead them on the attack. Once your quarry approaches the  3D Popper an Ultra Violet “Attack Point” provides them a target on which to unleash their fury.

Striped bass, bluefish, false albacore, schoolie bluefin tuna, and mahi will all find the 3D popper equally appealing and they come in a wide array of colors to match whatever prey item happens to be on the menu. Also rest assured that the iron clad construction of the 3D Popper is up to the task of handling the biggest and meanest of any species you happen to target. Equip yourself with only the best and be sure to include this plug among your fish catching weaponry today.


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