2023 Dream Boat Weigh-In Form Download - The Fisherman

2023 Dream Boat Weigh-In Form Download

 DOWNLOAD FORM – 2023 Dream Boat Entry Form_Rules

Note:Weights must be measured in decimals. Any entry using ounces will be converted to decimals. When measuring the length of the fish, the nose of the fish should begin at the 0” mark and extend to the fork of the tail to record the length. When measuring the girth, the measurement should be made from the widest part of the body of the fish. Measurements are to be made to the nearest ¼ inch. This means that if the measurement falls short of the nearest 1/8-inch mark then the length is rounded down, and if the length exceeds the nearest 1/8-inch mark then the total length is rounded up. If the measurement is on the 1/8-inch mark the length will be rounded up. (tournament judges will have the final say on a given fish’s length.)

Entries can be submitted via email or mail. Email submission to: dreamboat@thefisherman.com. The photo file name should be the same as the contestant’s full name.

Mail-in submission to: Dream Boat Fishing Challenge, PO Box 395, Mt. Sinai, NY 11766.

The photo can be on a compact disc, USB Flash drive, or photo paper which will not be returned.

Additional rules apply.