For years I fought the urge to drop more than a few dollars on a high-quality set of glasses and got by with a cheap pair from the local discount store. After testing out several new pairs of glasses from Hobie, I can wholeheartedly say that I see the difference and will forever justify spending a few extra hard-earned dollars on top-quality eye protection.

Most of the light reflected as glare is horizontally polarized. Unlike ordinary sunglasses, which admit just as much reflected light as desirable light, Hobie Polarized Sunglasses filter out glare and transmit only the light you need, providing increased visual clarity and reduced eyestrain.

Hobie has always stood for the highest quality polarized lenses available. With the addition of the new revolutionary HydroClean Plus™ and HydroClean™ lens coatings, you get unmatched vision on and off the water.

The advanced HydroClean Plus™ polarized lenses are included in the Heritage Glass lens collection. They start with Hobie’s proven polarized film technology. A series of enhanced hydrophobic and anti-reflective coatings are then applied to each lens under carefully controlled conditions. The result is a lens that sheds water, resists dust and grime, is easy to clean and reduces distracting reflections from light sources behind you.

The HydroClean™ lens technology is standard equipment on the Motion series of the Hobie Polarized collection where frames are sleek and are built for challenges of active sports as well as everyday wear. Advanced hydrophobic coatings are applied under the most controlled conditions resulting in a lens that sheds water, resists dust and grime and is easy to clean.

Both the HydroClean™ and HydroClean Plus™ lenses continue the Hobie tradition of eliminating glare, and providing the innovation and quality that you’ve come to trust and rely on.

The Megol rubber nose pads provides a non-slip, secure fit and are adjustable for a custom fit, giving you additional control and comfort. Perforated Megol Rubber lines the interior of the brow to oxygenate the eye, ventilate heat, evaporate moisture and eliminate fogging inside of the lenses.

Forged from industrial quality, non-corrosive metal, each Hobie Polarized barrel hinge is factory wear-tested for over 1,000 open and close cycles to ensure they perform at the highest standard.

Hobie comolded frames are produced with a technically advanced dual molding process that permanently bonds Grilamid to Megol without using glue or solvents to ensure frames hold up to the demands of the water enthusiast. The Grilamid TR90 frame features a battle tested nylonpolymer blend that can withstand the rigors of the avid water athlete. These frames are tough and crack resistant, hypoallergenic and resilient.

The tried and true streamlined hinge design is incorporated into the frame, providing a secure fit without adding extra frame weight. Meant to withstand the harsh elements, Hobie’s Megol rubber grip holds up to saltwater, sweat, sunblock and grime; all while maintaining a secure and cushioned grip. The flex temple fit technology along with spring hinges allows outward flex away from the frames to eliminate the squeeze and reduce wearing fatigue.

The Heritage Glass Series are available in two models to fit your style and needs. Exceeding the standards of world champion watersport athletes, the Heritage Series features Hobie’s highest quality, thin, lightweight and durable Borosilicate Glass polarized lenses with HydroClean Plus™ Polarized lens technology, set in carefully crafted frames of Grilamid TR-90. The Heritage Series also features precision flex hinges for a custom fit and extra durability on some models. Megol nose pads and Megol temple tips are available on some models as well. Retail price: $120 – $190.

Made of rugged injected TR-90 nylon and featuring lightweight Polycarbonate HydroClean™ polarized lenses, the Motion Series is ideally suited to meet the challenges of active sports as well as everyday wear. Each of the 15 available models has been carefully rated by size, with measurements, in an effort to assist you in making informed purchasing decisions. Further, each style can be chosen in up to seven different lens colors to perfectly suit your needs! Retail price: $69.99 – $89.99.
The newest addition to the Hobie family of polarized sunglasses, the Motion Polycarbonite Reader glasses are made of rugged injected TR-90 nylon and feature lightweight Polycarbonate HydroClean™ polarized lenses. The Motion Series is ideally suited to meet the challenges of active sports as well as everyday wear. Retail price: $119.99.

All Hobie polarized sunglasses are designed for demanding sports enthusiasts who are unwilling to compromise on either function or style. Each model has been carefully rated by size, with measurements, in an effort to assist you in making informed purchasing decisions. All Hobie Polarized frames are backed by their Friendly Lifetime Warranty. For more information, please visit


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