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Product Spotlight: Trokar Swim Blade

Let’s start by recognizing the longevity and innovation of Eagle Claw hooks; I’d wager that 80% of the fishing public caught their first fish on an Eagle Claw hook, and they just keep innovating. In fact their Trokar line of hooks – in my opinion – are some of the best and sharpest on the market. Earlier this year, they released their Trokar Swim Blade Swimbait Hook.

The design begins with their swimbait hook, crafted from meticulously-selected carbon steel wire and honed to the sharpest hook point you’re going to find, anywhere. Molded onto the shank is a lead weight, strategically positioned, just like any other weighted swimbait hook. Underspin hooks have been around for a while, and for good reason, they add something that soft plastic bait’s typically don’t offer—flash. The Swim Blade hook incorporates a removable willow leaf blade that spins and flashes like mad during the retrieve. If you’ve ever watched a school of peanut bunker swimming, you know how they give off those glints of blinding silver as they go—you’re starting to see the light now, aren’t you?

The Swim Blade Swimbait Hook also features a screw lock style rigging system, that utilizes a mini ‘corkscrew’ to fasten the hook to the head of your bait. Turn the point back on the bait and plunge it through the belly until it comes out centered in the back of the lure and you have rigged it successfully. The weighted keel tucks up close to the chin and the blade spins on a short length of wire, acting as the bullseye, drawing strikes right where it counts. That Trokar hook will do the rest, with it’s surgically sharp cutting point, your hookup ratio will impress you.

Pair these hooks, available in sizes 3/0 to 7/0, with your favorite freshwater or saltwater swimbaits and you’ll see how quickly the local gamefish population takes notice. Whether you’re throwing paddletails into schools of peanuts this fall or crawling a MagDraft along a weed edge for largemouths, the Trokar Swim Blade Swimbait Hook is going to become your fast favorite.

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