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Coastal Kayak Clash – Tag

Download the Required Tag:  CostalKayakClash Tag 2021

How To Enter: Eligible species must be photographed next to a ruler clearly showing the complete and unobstructed length of the fish alongside a standard ruler with a free-standing rigid, taped to your paddle or a bump board measuring device being acceptable. A bent or curved fish length by way of a flexible sewing-type ruler/measuring tape is not a valid entry. The entire ruler must be visible. Included in the photo must be an official Coastal Kayak Clash tournament tag which can be downloaded from this page on The tournament tag is available for download and printing on May 1, 2021 at 12:01 am. The tag must be visible and legible in the photograph with the photo taken. Additionally a discernable kayak must also be in the photo on your kayak. When measuring the length of the fish, the nose of the fish should begin at the 0” mark and the tip of the non-pinched tail of the fish denotes the length. Measurements are to be made to the nearest ¼ inch. This means that if the measurement falls short of the nearest 1/8-inch mark then the length is rounded down, and if the length exceeds the nearest 1/8-inch mark then the total length is rounded up (tournament judges will have the final say on a given fish’s length.) Photos may be taken with a camera phone or standard digital camera, and should include the metadata within the image file that includes the date the image was taken. The photo file name should be the same as the contestant’s full name. Email the digital photo, your full name, address, phone number, type of fish, length of fish, state fish was caught in, and date/time fish was caught within 10 days of the catch to be eligible for scoring to to enter an eligible species.

Additional Rules Apply.