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September 08, 2020 - 09:31:27

Over at Tight Lines Tackle in Sag Harbor, Ken Morse reports a resurgence inside the Peconic’s with loads of quality size weakfish to 8-pounds in Noyack Bay . Squid strips and hi/lo rigs catch the sea trout. Spanish mackerel are being caught from the beach along the south shore beaches whacking tins. Bluefish are at Jessup Neck and along the east side of Gardiners Island also slamming tins. Ken has been getting reports that Southwest Ledge is the place to be for stripers, fluke, and sea bass. Snappers and crabs are thick inside Sag Harbor.

August 31, 2020 - 10:14:47

Ken at Tight Lines Tackle in Sag Harbor said Shinnecock East has seen a variety of species in the form of frigate, bullet and Spanish mackerel, jacks and bonito, mixing with small blues and some school stripers. Schoolies to 30 inches are scattered along the sand beaches through Bridgehampton and taking a variety of metals. Ken noted that he has a huge selection of Hogy Sand Eel and epoxy jigs, and Hurley Sand Eels in stock.

August 31, 2020 - 10:10:17

Over at Tight Lines Tackle in Sag Harbor, Ken Morse reports aside from loads of snappers, blowfish and kingfish in the Sag Harbor area, the best of the action is once again in the Peconic’s with a resurgence of keeper weakfish to 26-inches slamming squid strips, Gulp and Fishbites on hi/lo rigs. Fluke are spread out throughout the area of the windmills and at Cartwright and the Frisbee Grounds. Standard fluke rigs with spearing and squid or 6-inch Gulp are producing well as are 4 to 6-ounce Spro Prime Bucktails dressed with Gulp or Fishbites baits being best and producing the big fish. Gator blues are ruling the Race and by the Ruins off Gardiners Island crushing anything presented to them. Porgies remain solid on slack tide in the Plum Gut and along the northside of Plum Island on clams and porgy rigs. Small porgies and cocktail blues are still off Jessup Neck and off Cedar Point.

August 24, 2020 - 11:15:19

Ken at Tight Lines Tackle in Sag Harbor said Shinnecock Easy has had a mix of cocktail blues, frigate mackerel, Spanish mackerel and bonito between dawn and dusk on metals and epoxy jigs. The cut at Sagg was open earlier in the week and there was a decent shot of school bass and loads of shad from dusk into the night. One pair of customers managed to pick 20 or so stripers from among all of the shad. Lots of big rays and sharks cruising the ocean beaches for anyone who wants to test their tackle.

August 24, 2020 - 11:10:55

Over at Tight Lines Tackle Ken Morse reports the best of the fishing remains to the east. Ken’s friend Pat Wallace and his buddy Chase were aboard the Miss Montauk again this week and while 12-year-old- Chase took the pool with an 8-pound fluke last week, it was Pat’s turn this week also with a 8-pound pool winner. A dynamite duo for sure. There are loads of bluefish off Cedar Point, with loads of kingfish and blowfish on the bottom chewing down clam and squid baits on hi/lo rigs. Sag Harbor is loaded with snappers for all to enjoy. If you want fluke, sea bass and stripers, head for Block Island and Southwest Ledge for sea bass and stripers, and the windmills and Cartwright for big fluke and jumbo sea bass.

August 17, 2020 - 10:26:06

Ken at Tight Lines Tackle in Sag Harbor said the cut at Sagg was open during the week and some customers reported as many as 25 to 30 bass a session with very few keepers in the mix. There were also loads of shad gorging on baitfish. He hit Flying Point in Southampton and got into loads of shad, adding that bunker were spread as far as you could see, along with a ton of spearing and anchovies. Tipping a tog jig with one or two mole crabs (sand fleas) continues to produce school bass when surf conditions are right.

August 17, 2020 - 10:22:51

Over at Tight Lines Tackle Ken Morse reports the local waters have been too warm to produce any good fishing except for snappers, blowfish, and especially blue claw crabs, which are everywhere in the bay and of good size. The best fishing is east of Gardiners Island. Sea bass are east of Gardiners eating clams. Big bluefish are at the Rip line just off the Ruins slamming anything tossed their way. Striped bass are being taken by boats trolling umbrella rigs at Southwest Ledge and most of the rips surrounding Block Island. Sea bass are also numerous at the windmills and at Southwest Ledge. The southside of Montauk remains the best location to catch keeper fluke. During the week, Pat Wallace, and his good buddy 12-year-old Chase fished aboard the Miss Montauk for 7 keeper fluke to Chase’s 8-pound pool winner. Way to go Chase.

August 10, 2020 - 18:42:21

Ken at Tight Lines Tackle in Sag Harbor said customers have been reporting some action with small bass, blues and Spanish mackerel at Shinnecock East during dawn and dusk on bucktails and metals with teasers. Along Southampton’s ocean beaches, the only bass reports are coming from casters fishing mole crabs (sand fleas) on light tackle. Tipping a tog jig with one or two mole crabs has been the ticket when surf conditions are right.

August 10, 2020 - 18:40:53

Over at Tight Lines Tackle in Sag Harbor, Ken Morse reports apart from loads of big crabs, snappers big enough to catch, and kingfish in local waters, most of the bite is located east of Gardiners Island. Some small stripers are hitting surface plugs during the evening by Lazy Point and east of Cedar Point. Sea bass and porgies have moved into Plum Gut in big numbers and of enormous size slamming diamond jigs intended for bluefish. Hopefully, the big biscuits will settle inside Plum Gut, which will make easy pickings for small boat anglers. Stripers of assorted size are also in Plum Gut and the Sluiceway slamming diamond jigs and bucktails on 3x3 rigs. Closer to the shop, snappers are at all the docks as are big blue claw crabs and kingfish.

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