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Posted By Dave Anderson, June 11, 2018
Max Finch and Lauren Salvioli teamed up to catch and release this big Long Island Sound bas this week.
At this point it’s clear; all local fish migrations are behind schedule by one to as many as three weeks, depending who you ask. We had a cold relentless and unending winter, and the spring has been mostly cool so water temps have been slow to rise… fish and baitfish have been slower to fill-in. But things are coming together now; sea bass action has been improving at the east and west ends of the Sound, in the middle the action has been very good, Clinton seems to be a hot zone. Bigger stripers are taking their sweet time, but with so much bunker and comfy water temps in the western Sound, there is no urgency for them to move on. Fluking is in the same boat; sand eels and squid are coming in but they’re moving slowly, opting to hang out in Block Island Sound and this is keeping the bulk of the better fluke outside of Fishers, Montauk and Block remain the best places to fill the box with some big ones. But this is, by no means, a reason to stay home… as water temps continue to rise these fish will be pouring into CT waters and they will hungry, make that hangry. So take a page from my book and make your own reports this week, go where you think the fish will be, don’t wait for someone else to beat them up before you. It’s June—it’s time to fish!
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