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Posted By Charley Soares, June 11, 2018
AJ from Red Top Sporting Goods with a recent Buzzards Bay black sea bass.

Black sea bass still top the menu both on the Vineyard and Nantucket Sound side and throughout most of western Buzzards Bay. Sea bass are hard hitting, great eating fish that are now very plentiful so take advantage of a great bite in these locations. You don’t need bait for sea bass, but a squid strip on your jig and teaser will only make them bite that much harder!

What happened to the blues? The same people that cursed those yellow-eyed devils now miss them. I have been fishing live bait for almost three weeks and have only had one bluefish take the bottom half of the bait. Last year you could not put an eel or a pogy down and not get chopped off. Blues have showed up on a weedy Middle Ground and on Wasque Point on the Vineyard. A kayaker found a huge school finning in Cape Cod Bay, but the only thing that would have taken them would have been a depth charge. They had lockjaw so don’t knock the blues they could save your season.

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