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FISHING LOGS: New Jersey & Delaware Bay
Northern New Jersey & Hudson River


Posted By J. B. Kasper, July 9, 2018
“Excellent porgy fishing,” reported JB Kasper in this week’s reports at The Fisherman. He said Capt. Akira at True World tackle has found good porgy action for his charters off New York’s Breezy Point and on the rock piles on the north side of the Reach.
Just when you think the weather can’t get any crazier, it does. The early week super heat wave, Thursday’s drown pours and the weekend nor-east winds combined to short circuit most of the fishing along the northern coast. While fluke fishing saw a nice improvement in the ocean and remained good in the bays and rivers, participation was very light for this time of the year more than likely due to the weather. Likewise excellent porgy fishing also found fewer takers, as did the bottom fishing which was good for sea bass and ling. A couple boats did venture out and entice a few sizable threshers and other sharks, however boats fishing for tuna did not fair as well. Bluefish continue to be missing in action and what striper action there is, is strictly an after dark bite. One thing that has been good is the crabbing in the lower Raritan Bay and Shrewsbury and Navesink rivers. Some snappers have also started to show up in a few places and plenty of bunker are in the back bay. In the odd fish department a couple more cobia were caught and some Boston mackerel were caught by bottom fishing boats.
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Paul marko - 218 days ago

460 lb thersher shark caught by Paul marko on 7118

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