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Posted By Dave Anderson, November 5, 2018
Weather has been the major limiting factor for local anglers of late, but when boats can get out they’re finding a good mix of tog, sea bass and stripers. (Photo courtesy of the Black Hawk)
Okay, what’s the deal with all this wind? I woke up Saturday morning and it sounded like my house was being power washed. If you’re expecting to get in a few more good days of fishing you better work on a rotating schedule or learn how to disappear. The forecast looking out seven days isn’t looking great again with gusts of 30 or 40 almost every day! But the fishing has been decent through most of this, and it’s kind of a positive thing for blackfish wishers, because bad weather keeps more boats off the spots so there will be more to catch out there when you are able to sneak out between the blows. Striper action is still decent; the report tells of mostly schoolies, but I know from my own experiences that there are big fish out there, you’re just not hearing about them. Sea bass and scup are still being caught in good numbers too—the fish are out there, now you have to get yourself out there.
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