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Posted By Toby Lapinski, October 7, 2019
Aubrey and Jackson Kolodziej had a great morning of topwater action this weekend while fishing the Connecticut River with their dad, Aaron.
Schoolie bass, and loads of them, seems to be the theme of late. From Boston through the Canal on past Newport over along South County and well inside Long Island Sound and beyond, striped bass from 12 to 24 inches can be found blasting schools of small bait. It’s really good to see such numbers of fish as it bodes well for the future of the population, but with this great fishing I’ve seen some irresponsible actions. There was a recent bust in Providence with an angler keeping a handful of short fish, A couple of fishermen down at Charlestown Breachway got busted over the limit and under the minimum length recently, and I’m sure stuff like this is going on up and down the coast at an alarming rate. Nonetheless, for those of you out there who follow the rules, you can take it one step further by crushing the barbs on your plugs and limiting the number of hooks used by opting for single-hook lures like a jig, removing all but one treble hook or by replacing those trebles with single in-line hooks.
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