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Posted By Toby Lapinski, October 21, 2019
‘Big Don’ landed this ‘big tog’—19 pounds to be exact—onboard the Seven B’s on Saturday.
Despite getting hammered on consecutive weeks by a pair of big nor’easters, fishing in Southern New England remains very good. From solid catches of blackfish on the rockpiles, to hordes of small bass in the surf, to bluefin still working bait off the Cape, there is plenty to look forward to in the coming weeks. Starting with tog, the story remains of big numbers but not many big fish—well aside from the 19-pounder landed on the Seven B’s on Saturday—as there seems to be a good number of shorts to 5-pounders this season. Small stripers, fish from 10 to about 24 inches, can be had pretty much from Cape Cod on down to the CT/NY border. Some bigger bass have popped up here and there, but getting a fish over 20 pounds remains a difficult endeavor. And last up, despite the big weather of late the bluefish bite off the Cape for both recreational and giant-class fish remains very good.
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