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Posted By Toby Lapinski, December 9, 2019
A solid mid-teen cod landed on Booked Off charters this week.

We are in that familiar time of the season here in Southern New England where I almost feel like I can write the reports before they’re in; you either have good weather and the boats can sail or you don’t, and you either have ice or you don’t. Not much really changes year to year in December these days. The past week saw some cold temperatures move into the region, and with it came the first die-hards hitting the ice. While early ice can be quite dangerous, it can also be quite rewarding. For me, I prefer to wait until it's a bit safer; I always say that I don’t need to be the first one on the ice, I just want to be around to be the last one!

In the salt, it’s more of the same as in recent weeks. Stripers can be found in and around tidal rivers and larger bays where they can be caught all winter. I heard of peanuts running the Rhode Island shoreline late last week with mackerel on them, but almost as fast as they appeared, they were gone. Blackfishing in RI was up and down as that cold snap produced an increase in short fish caught by most everyone who ventured out. Cod fishing has been decent with fish to about 15 or 20 pounds on most trips with plenty of black sea bass, scup, pollock, haddock and monster choggies mixed-in. There have been some good scores of mackerel out around the Island, too, which bodes well both for anglers looking to jig them for food as well as to help boost the cod jigging bite.

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