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New England


Posted By Toby Lapinski, December 16, 2019
While safe, fishable ice is not widespread across Southern New England just yet, smaller lakes of Massachusetts and spots north are fishable.
With somewhat poor weather the past few days, the cod and blackfish boats have had a tough go at it. Friday saw some ok catches in rather “nautical” weather with cod to 20-plus pounds boated, but the weekend was pretty much a wash. Holdover stripers continue to cooperate, with tidal rivers both large and small producing some nice fish. Think small, single-hook offerings and be sure to bend the barbs! The smaller inland lakes and ponds, especially in Massachusetts and places north, have seen sufficient cold weather to put more than a skim of ice on their surfaces. Hard-water anglers are doing well in the protected spots on bass, trout and panfish; we’ve even heard of a few big pike iced already. Of course, as its always the case on the ice, extreme caution should be the name of the game as first ice may provide great action it comes with added dangers so be safe!
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