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FISHING LOGS: Long Island, Metro NY


Posted By Tony Gatto, September 11, 2017

Hind sight is 20/20. With all the current destruction that has occurred to marinas and vessels these past weeks, it’s time to ask your self do you have a plan? Great time to review what your course of action would be. It all depends on the size and scope of a storm, but your plan could be as simple as adding lines and fenders, or as complex as a short haul. Regardless you should secure any loose objects on and around your boat. Remove your dock box from the marina. Roll up or remove your enclosure. Remove everything from the refrigerator and or bait freezer. Remember to look around and help secure your neighbors items too. Not only are you being a good neighbor but these are the items that will blow into and damage your boat. It is also important to review and understand your insurance coverage. Many policies have clauses and will pay for short hauls when your area has a posted hurricane warning. They may also work something out for variations of the warning (ie hurricane watch and tropical storm warning and watch are all different) If you call your insurance company ahead of time and work it out they may pay to have you pull your boat ahead of a storm being upgraded to a warning.
With this past week’s weather, most captains elected to stay close to home and look for sharks. Blue sharks have come back to the cooler water in decent numbers. Many threshers and makos are taken after anglers cull through the blue sharks. Some captains like to move away from blue sharks, this maybe a huge mistake. Live lining mackerel has still been the most productive bait. Find bait near structure and drift or troll. All the nearshore wrecks, fingers and rock piles have been productive from Debs out to Montauk. Keep in mind that a storm surge can turn real ugly if the wind shifts and stacks up the waves. Three foot waves 12 seconds apart can change to three to six foot 5 seconds apart very quickly. So pick and choose your days carefully and pay attention to changing conditions.


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