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Posted By Dave Anderson, September 11, 2017
Many of the local shops are well stocked with albie gear like we see here on the wall of Fishin’ Factory 3.
The fishing world is vibrating in Connecticut as everyone is clamoring for information on albies entering the Sound. Just the mere mention of false albacore draws looks of caffeinated excitement or eyes-rolling back in rapturous bliss. The epoxy jigs and Zoom Flukes and Albie Snax and Deadly Dicks are waiting in their boxes as albie-crazed anglers tie and re-tie their fluoro leaders, going for the most invisible presentation possible. Well, they are here, but they are not here in big numbers… yet. There’s been a few around Fishers, a few at the Breachways and a little bit of a bigger crop at Montauk. But I think this is the week to focus. Or you can join a support group and share your story of how albie hysteria ruined your life, sank your marriage and stole your job—but the soothing sound of a screaming drag puts your mind right and you can go on despite the fact that your whole world is crumbling around you. A little dramatic? Yeah, maybe a little. But when you fight harder for the last Epoxy Jig on the peg than you would for your kid’s first-choice Christmas present, it’s time to look in the mirror. Striper anglers will be glad to know that some good fish have been caught in Norwalk, the mouth of the CT River, the Thames and the Sluiceway. There are bluefish all over the place and with less than two weeks left in the fluke season, I suggest you head for Montauk and hang one more doormat.
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