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Posted By Pat Vogt, September 11, 2017
The high winds and residual seas from last weekend’s blow put a damper on the plans of many tuna enthusiasts, especially those in southern New England. Those that did get out found some school bluefin on jigs at Tuna Ridge, along with a handful of yellowfin on chunks, a bit to the south. The bluefin bite around the Cape remains the best thing going if you’re looking to connect with a tuna, and there has been no better means of hooking up than fishing live mackerel. This week, live macs fished at Crab Ledge and Stellwagen, put up good numbers of fish from 60 inches to well over 100 inches. Those that have been married to casting or trolling have not been faring nearly as well. The tuna were a bit fussier this week, some say due to the moon and northerly winds. When fish get picky, live bait is always the best option to get the job done.
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