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Posted By Dave Anderson, October 9, 2017
With blackfish season opening on October 10 in Connecticut waters, local shops are stocking up on green and Asian crabs. (Photo courtesy of Fishin’ Factory 3)
There’s a lot of look forward to in October, even though the tick-tocks of the clock sound like sticks of dynamite as November closes in. Bass fishing is firing up in many spots, most notably Watch Hill, Fishers and the mouth of the Connecticut River. Albie fishing seems to be about as good as it could ever get. Water temps are still up there at a comfortable 70 degrees in most places. So things should stay pretty good until another big storm comes and shakes things up; after that… who knows? I think the main thing for right now is to make sure you get out there as often as possible, because… there’s plenty of time left to fish, but things get a lot tougher—for most species anyway—when November roars in.
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