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Posted By Pat Vogt, October 9, 2017
Now is the time to cash in on what is being considered the best bluefin action of the year. Locations all around Cape Cod are giving up fish. Whether you’re fishing the bay side, down east of Chatham, out on Stellwagen, or off of Nauset Beach, the tuna are there and responding. As in weeks prior, live mackerel has been close to a sure thing for the largest fish, however casting stick baits to blitzing pods has been scoring fish as well. The aerial displays have been reportedly amazing this week, as many of the bluefin schools around the Cape are chasing down speedy little half-beaks. In southern New England, sporadic yellows are being trolled-up in West Atlantis, with some swords being reported at night. Mahi are still hanging around, though not in the numbers that they were during the summer. Sharking remains decent to the south of Block Island with a couple of makos, and of course blues, reported this week.
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