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FISHING LOGS: Long Island, Metro NY
North Shore


Posted By Bob Danielson, October 9, 2017
Porgies remain thick in the Sound, but a lot of focus will be shifting to blackfish. The season opened on October 5 and runs through December 14.
I would have expected to hear about more blackfish in this week’s reports but I didn’t. The season is less than a week old so there’s still plenty of time left to get those reports in. There were some fish weighed in this week with the biggest I had heard about going six pounds. Lots of short fish is what I did hear about and that bodes well for the future if we can keep them out of the fish pots that litter the bottom of the Sound. The fish are still in real shallow water of 12 to 20 feet deep. They seem to be mixing in with all of the porgies that are still around. The porgies are just everywhere and they seem to gaining strength in numbers and size. They’re definitely providing plenty of action still. Some of the fish have been close to the three pound mark. Stripers are starting to make a better showing, although most of the fish are still small. Word of some bigger blues working under bunker schools has been coming from one end of the North Shore to the other. Unsubstantiated reports of fish up to 20 pounds have been making the chatter streams but solid fish of 16 pounds have been making the reports. It looks like the fall run has started so you better get on the water because it won’t be long before the winds start blowing cold.
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