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FISHING LOGS: Long Island, Metro NY


Posted By Tony Gatto, October 9, 2017
Best option this week is probably shark fishing. Mako and threshers have been taken from the 20 fathom line and in. Mid sixty degree water has been very productive with bunker and mackerel the preferred baits. The past week has again been very tough for Canyon fisherman. There are little to no reports from last week to go on. Check your temperature charts to locate the most productive water as it may move day to day and will move week to week. Interesting water temperatures have settled in from the little tails to the edge. But if you check chlorophyll it doesn’t look nearly as good as the water in the Hudson. For boats traveling from or around Montauk it’s worth a look because it is so much closer and frankly the bite at the Hudson hasn’t been spectacular. There have been some decent trips put together, but you really have to work hard to scrape together decent results. Several boats only found blue sharks on the night chunk and mahimahi during the day.
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