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FISHING LOGS: New Jersey & Delaware Bay
Central New Jersey


Posted By Karen Wall, October 9, 2017
Capt. Jesse Bloomquist find the albies 3 to 4 miles straight out of Barnegat Inlet on Saturday morning. “Look for the floating birds,” Jesse said, adding that Hogy epoxy jigs did the trick.
A small striper here, a small one there, but the number and frequency is picking. There was a 47-inch bass put on the sand at Island Beach State Park on Saturday, and has people asking, “Is the run finally here?” The signs are there — stacked bait, that fishy smell in the air. And by and large, more folks are giving it a shot. Bluefish are keeping everyone busy in the meantime, and blackfish are giving folks plenty of practice for that season. Just off the beach folks are running and gunning for false albacore; a few Spanish mackerel and bonito are in the mix as well. Plenty of reasons to fish right now. Don’t wait.
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